A Message from the Founders

As we move into the next millenium, governments and public administrations throughout the world face growing pressure to provide a higher quality of services to their citizenry at lower cost than in the past. In some countries and regions, this trend is leading to the privatisation of certain services previously performed by public agencies. In others- particularly in nations undergoing major socio-economic transformation -the focus is on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of public administration and public institutions. In all areas, there is a perceived need for better forms of governance requiring modern management techniques to reform the public sector.Since its creation, the Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND), through its research and development work, has actively contributed to the adoption of best management practices in public institutions in all parts of the world. CSEND is committed to meeting the new challenges of the coming years with socio-economic approaches and to continuing to play a pioneering role at the frontier of social, economic and political innovation.