Trade and Development in Low Income Countries

The role trade can play in development is highly debated, especially with regards to low income countries, which are perceived as not having the economic foundations to trade in the first place. Misperceptions are common in a field where economists, lawyers, social scientists and diplomats have views and interests that can be diverging. This course will consider a number of topics associated with Trade and Development, with a particular focus on the multilateral system and the role of low income countries in this system. Part of the course will be considering economic issues and the other part will focus on institutional issues.


Among these topics, the student will gain in-depth knowledge about the WTO functioning and theoretical, historical background related to its emergence and current events. The course will also tackle important notions such as trade and growth nexus, trade policy, and preferential trade agreements. An emphasis will be placed on the design and consequences of trade liberalisation for developing countries.



Raymond Saner and Jean-Jacques HALLAERT

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