Teaching Trade & Development

Enhancing Learning in Monitoring and Evaluation: Six Cases from Philanthropic Organizations Working in the Health Sector

This capstone contributes to the ongoing process of refining M+E in development assistance with a particular focus on M+E methods used by philanthropic organizations that fund health projects in low-income developing countries.

pdf Health M E Report FINAL (2012-2013)


To give students insights into WTO, the WTO dispute settlement procedures and negotiations within the WTO multilateral context. The students are asked to analyse the negotiation process of concrete cases of disputes between WTO member states.

The role trade can play in development is highly debated, especially with regards to low income countries, which are perceived as not having the economic foundations to trade in the first place. Misperceptions are common in a field where economists, lawyers, social scientists and diplomats have views and interests that can be diverging. This course will consider a number of topics associated with Trade and Development, with a particular focus on the multilateral system and the role of low income countries in this system. Part of the course will be considering economic issues and the other part will focus on institutional issues.

Professor in Organisation and International Management (University of Basle)

Raymond Saner is the co-founder of CSEND, a Geneva based NGRDO (non-governmental research and development organisation, and the director of CSEND’s Diplomacy Dialogue branch.

a) Master in Public Affairs, Sciences Po, Paris in cooperation with LSE, London and Columbia U. New York

- Trade, Development and Investment Policies for Effective Transportation Infrastructures in LDCs