Sample of major events by CSEND in 2003

“Alternative Development Strategies for Bolivia” November 2003 The document is an article published in “La Prensa”, leading newspaper in Bolivia, on Sunday 30th of November 2003.

Alternative Development Strategies for Bolivia: Rethinking Trade Negotiations in the Context of the WTO, FTAA and ACN.” Organised and hosted by the Universidad San Francisco de Asis and the Asociacion Boliviana de Econom?a Pol?tica de la Globalizacion, November 24, 2003; and hosted by the Diplomatic Association of Bolivia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 25, 2003.

Development Options for Suriname in light of globalisation trends and negotiations at WTO and FTAA.

Trade in Educational Services (ES) is affecting the interests of many countries in trade, economics, education and culture resulting in heated debates between government representatives, private sector investors, teacher unions and student associations on how to approach liberalisation of this sector, if at all. What ever the approach, an agreement on GATS/ES should be sufficiently flexible to safeguard the multi-functional nature of education, as well as the different needs of developing countries’ education without falling into the trap of “managed trade” nor succumbing to short-term myopic protectionism.

Global and Regional Trade Negotiations, "WTO Pre-Ministrial Preparatory Committee Simulation Exercise", 2003

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