Sample of major events by CSEND in 2005

As a special rapporteur, CSEND participated in the Mission, Money, Management - International Conference on Higher Education jointly organised by CNIER, OECD, and Geely University on 9 -16 May 2005 in Beijing and Xi'an.

CSEND gave a speech entitled "Ensuring efficacy and efficiency of training investment based on ISO 10015 Quality Assurance" at a conference on the Role of Training in the Implementation of the Policy of Sustainable Spatial Development in Europe: ENTO, CLRACE, CEMAT, UDITE, at Council of Europe, Strasbourg on 15 March, 2005.

CSEND gave a presentation on "High Quality Resource as Key Requirement for National Economic Competitiveness" at National Productivity Corporation's seminar on 9 March, 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Facilitated by OECD, CSEND gave two speeches entitled "Economic Growth, National Competitiveness and Education" and "Continuous Learning: Key Driver for Social and Economic Development" at Working Group 1: Education for Economic Development of the international education conference on Governance and Education for Sustainable Development and European Integration during 27 -29 January 2005 in Graz, Austria at the University of Graz.

CSEND gave a lecture on "International Business Diplomacy in Post Modern Times" at Delhi Management Association (DMA) Conference Hall. 14 January 2005. New Delhi, India

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