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Saner, R., Yiu L.; "Challenges for the 21st Century for Leadership
Qualifications: Reflections and Responses". Asian Journal of Public Administration, Vol. 22 (1), June, 2000.

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The goal of this paper is to present the case example of China in its development effort of future leaders within the public sector. This case example will first describe the leadership
model currently in use in China as the basic framework of assessment, selection and development of leaders befitting the tasks requirements of the 21st century. Narrative description will be given regarding the actual practices regarding leadership assessment, selection and development in China.

Saner, R.; “Action Research & Action Learning as Means to Improve Service Delivery in the Public Sector: Case Example from a Capacity Building Project in Slovenia”. 24th International Congress of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences. Paris. September, 1998.

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Das Ziel dieses Artikels besteht darin darzulegen, wie die Action-Learning-and Action-Research-Methoden innerhalb eines New-Public-Management-Reform-Projektes eingesetzt werden konnen, and aufzuzeigen, wie dadurch der Transfer von New-Management-Know-how an die Kundenorganisation sichergestellt werden kann .

Saner, R., Yiu, L.; “Institutioneller Aufbauprozess der Zentralverwaltung Sloweniens Mittels Action Learning und Action Research“. Information Internationalen Treuhand AG, Nr. 103, Basel, April, 1998.

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Yiu, L., Saner, R. (Editors).; “Organisation & Management of In-Service Training within Central Government Administration and Training Modules: A Comparative Study of Slovenia & Switzerland”. Institute of Public Administration. Ljubljana. 1997.
Yiu, L., Saner, R. (Editors).; “Compedium of Pilot Projects for Improving  Working Procedures in the Slovene Public Administration and Training Modules”. Institute of Public Administration. Ljubljana. 1997.
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