CSEND gave a speech entitled "Ensuring efficacy and efficiency of training investment based on ISO 10015 Quality Assurance" at a conference on the Role of Training in the Implementation of the Policy of Sustainable Spatial Development in Europe: ENTO, CLRACE, CEMAT, UDITE, at Council of Europe, Strasbourg on 15 March, 2005.

CSEND gave a presentation on "High Quality Resource as Key Requirement for National Economic Competitiveness" at National Productivity Corporation's seminar on 9 March, 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Facilitated by OECD, CSEND gave two speeches entitled "Economic Growth, National Competitiveness and Education" and "Continuous Learning: Key Driver for Social and Economic Development" at Working Group 1: Education for Economic Development of the international education conference on Governance and Education for Sustainable Development and European Integration during 27 -29 January 2005 in Graz, Austria at the University of Graz.

CSEND gave a lecture on "International Business Diplomacy in Post Modern Times" at Delhi Management Association (DMA) Conference Hall. 14 January 2005. New Delhi, India

CSEND chaired and gave a summary of group discussion on "Quality Evaluation in a Diversified Higher Education System - Summary of Group Discussion" at OECD/MOE International Seminar on the Development of Higher Education and Financing Policies. 12-13 July 2004. Beijing, People's Republic of China.

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CSEND gave a presentation on "How to Ensure ROI in e-Training and e-Education: ISO 10015 Certification. A Learning System Management Solution" at International Seminar on e-Education and e-Learning: Benchmarking the Best Practices in Using Information Technology. 28 June 2004.
“Alternative Development Strategies for Bolivia” November 2003 The document is an article published in “La Prensa”, leading newspaper in Bolivia, on Sunday 30th of November 2003.

Alternative Development Strategies for Bolivia: Rethinking Trade Negotiations in the Context of the WTO, FTAA and ACN.” Organised and hosted by the Universidad San Francisco de Asis and the Asociacion Boliviana de Econom?a Pol?tica de la Globalizacion, November 24, 2003; and hosted by the Diplomatic Association of Bolivia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, November 25, 2003.

Development Options for Suriname in light of globalisation trends and negotiations at WTO and FTAA.

Global and Regional Trade Negotiations, "WTO Pre-Ministrial Preparatory Committee Simulation Exercise", 2003

Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Negotiations, "CDM Investment: A Multistakeholder Simulation Exercise- Can We Make a Deal?", Module 1, 2002

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