A special CSEND Dialogue session on "Socio-Economic Dimensions of Formalising Informal Economy: Impediments, needs and gender issues" on the 17 July 2014.
The majority of economic activities in the least developed countries are in the "informal sector". Workers and micro entrepreneurs alike in the informal economy are often trapped for a whole lifetime in conditions of precarious living and rarely get out of poverty. What could be the appropriate intervention strategies and the timing for such interventions so that the micro entrepreneurs really benefit from formalisation? What are the socio-economic and gender issues yet to be addressed?

International Seminar on Governance Policy of Tertiary Education Development, hosted by the Ministry of Education, China.

Place: Beijing and Guiyang, China

International Search Conference on Governance, Financing and Quality Assurance of Higher Education in China and Switzerland 17th - 18th April 2007 in Zurich, Switzerland, hosted by ETH Zurich
Place: Zurich, Switzerland

An All Academy symposium at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Washington DC in 2001
Place: Washington DC