“The Centre for Socio-Eco-Nomic Development (CSEND) promotes inclusive, equitable, sustainable and integrated development through dialogue and institutional learning. CSEND provides policy research, capacity development and consulting services on institutional development and change processes especially in the area of institutional strengthening, human and social capital development, trade and development, quality education, aid effectiveness, international negotiations and new diplomacies.


Throughout its 30 years of history, CSEND has played a leadership role in several knowledge areas that were acknowledged and sometimes further developed by other scholars and institutions. Contributions made by CSEND take the form of policy briefs and policy reviews which are disseminated through publications, seminars, and dialogue sessions as well as through training activities and informal meetings.  CSEND actively promotes sustainable development knowledge and implementation at global (UN), national and subnational (city) level to build better future.

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icon-20140705Deliberation on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda are taking shape and the negotiations on scope and financing of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are becoming more concrete and contentious at the same time. Sustainability has been a concern for several decades and has gained greater importance in light of increasing climate warming and continued instabilities of the social and economic sectors at global levels. Two separate UN processes are underway to determine the SDG framework namely the HLPF (High Level Political Forum) and the OWG (Open Working Group) both working on defining and negotiating the world's Sustainable Development Goals. In addition,various stakeholder groups (NGOs, Business, Civil Society, Academic Institutions) and International Organisations have started their own discussions on what issues and priorities should be core features of the coming SDGs.

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CSEND provides needs assessment, programme design, project management and consultation services for the reform and modernisation of public administrations.
20090912-index-icon-diplomacyThe mission of Diplomacy Dialogue is to open channels for dialogue and participation amongst state and non-state actors, i.e., diplomatic actors representing countries, enterprises and civil socities.
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20090307-index-logo-adequateAdeQuaTE offers a certification of training systems and training products resulting in more efficient and effective training systems and organizational performance.
tpgp Lrg v1Through its Trade Policy and Governance Programme (TPGP), CSEND offers a new perspective and a new approach to trade policy governance that enables the recipient countries to better coordinate trade policy between their Ministries and to ensure effective trade policy consultation between the government and their respective economic and social partners.
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20090912-index-icon-DialogueForumCSEND1 Dialogue Forum aims at stimulating innovative thinking by creating a dialogue space which brings together non-conventional thinkers and reflective practitioners with members of Geneva community interested in the quest for novel solutions to our society’s current challenges. This Dialogue Forum is co-hosted by CSEND and Prof. Beat Bürgenmeier, leading thinker in the field of environmental and socio-economics and professor at the University of Geneva.