Multi-stakeholder participation to guarantee the sustainability of SDG-oriented Infrastructure PPPs

Sustainable Success of PPPs are determined by the ability of the PPP operators in engaging a multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnership. A lack of inclusion of civil society and particularly of CSO citizens who are impacted positively or negatively by an infrastructure PPP can result in conflicts which in the worst case can lead to a premature end of a PPP project.

Raymond Saner gave a presentation during the Conference-Debate session at the Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics in Paris which took place during the Paris InfraWeek on 11th October 2023

Presentation by Raymond Saner

Related to the presentation given by Raymond Saner at the Conference-Debate session, Raymond Saner wrote a Summary of presentation at InfraWeek (WAPPP Magazine, Issue No. 10, Winter 2024)