Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

CSEND designs and conducts seminars on trade and diplomatic negotiations for diplomats and government officials. Services include development of case simulations as well as training and coaching participants in concepts and techniques of effective negotiations in a variety of international and cross-cultural situations.

CSEND has extended its expertise on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution into areas of trade, environmental and climate change negotiations.


Negotiation Simulations developed or adapted by DiplomacyDialogue, CSEND, Geneva, 1985- present

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CSEND has worked for the following institutions and organisations:

  • Basle University, Basle
  • Center for Sustainable Development in the Americas
  • Council of the European Union, Brussels
  • International Centre of Cooperation and Conflict, Vienna
  • Macedonian Business Lawyers Association, Skopje
  • Ministry of the Environment, Ottawa
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bonn
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuala Lumpur
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madrid
  • Ministry of Industry & Trade, Jakarta
  • Ministry of Investment and External Commerce and Trade, Bolivia