UNECE Working Group on Aging

The Working Group on Ageing is an intergovernmental body which was first convened in 2008. It is made up of national focal points on ageing representing the member States of the UNECE region, along with representatives from international organizations, NGOs and academia. https://www.unece.org/population/wga.html


10th meeting of the Working Group on Ageing, 23rd November 2017, Geneva

Official meeting at the United Nations in Geneva, 23-24 November 2017 in the presence of government delegates of the UNECE region as well as different Civil Society Organisations.

pdf Working Group metting on Ageing


MIPPA Meets SDG1 Responses to Old-Age Poverty in the Unece Region

The side event provided an overview of old-age poverty in UNECE member countries and its determinants. Inclusive policies reducing the risk of old-age poverty and promoting active ageing were shared by Austria, France and Norway and the important role of civil society in addressing old-age poverty in the region were illustrated.

pdf MIPAA Meeting