Aid Effectiveness & Efficiency

This paper focuses on the criteria of "Paris Declaration 11: Need for Monitoring" and suggests a stronger focus on monitoring and less on evaluation of Aid for Trade (AfT) and Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) programmes and projects. The authors examine monitoring & evaluation as a means to assist partner countries in developing their own governance capacity in managing their development process and in better leveraging Aid for Trade based capacity development programmes and projects. In conclusion, the authors propose an outline for an Evidence-Based Monitoring System as the backbone of the Aid for Trade and EIF implementation process. The authors also suggest that while Monitoring and Evaluation are complementary instruments of development aid, the stakeholders of Aft/EIF (beneficiaries, donors and experts) should put much more emphasis on monitoring than is the case at present. This proposed monitoring system could provide the missing link for effective inter-ministerial coordination and for ensuring the quality of evaluations.

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Transparency requires persistent effort in collecting and organising data. It needs a system to store and manage the data so that information can be retrieved, analysed and used effectively and efficiently.


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