Sustainable Development

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CSEND conducts research on issues of public interest. The results of this ongoing research on socio-economic topics are published in academic and professional journals, in books or as CSEND monographs.

CSEND focuses on the following research areas: Public sector and Governance, Poverty Alleviation, Quality in Higher Education, Environmental Conflict and Mediation, Trade Negotiation, and Diplomacy Dialogue.

Stakeholder Interactions & Dialogues

CSEND designs and facilitates stakeholder interactions on issues of public interests through workshops, forums, action research, conferences and use of role-play simulations.

Negotiating Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Agreements Workshop

Climate Change: Policy and Outreach

Together with its partner and associates, CSEND has been active in the UNFCCC arena in order to promote public awareness, effective participation and socio-eco-logical sustainable solutions to the climate change challenge.

  • Economic Potentials of CDM pdfclick here
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC
  • Cop 13, scaling up pdfclick here
  • Cop 13, Bali, Indonesia, 1-12 December 2007
    • Scaling Up Energy Efficiency – “Plan B”? pdfclick here
    • Summary Report on the side event pdfclick here


  • COP 14, PoznaƄ, Poland, 1-12 December 2008
    • Advancing Energy Efficiency under the Bali Action Plan pdfclick here




Round Table “Mutual support for sustainability” 2 nd July 20132 nd July 2013