Migration transcontinentale planifiée pour réduire le déséquilibre du marché de travail en Suisse et réduire la pauvreté dans les pays Africains et du Balkan/Proche Orient

(Transcontinental migration planned to reduce the Swiss labor market imbalance and reduce poverty in African countries and Balkan / Middle East)


Switzerland has for many years a labor deficit in all sectors of its economy. The system governing the entry of foreign workers in Switzerland responds inadequately to the labor demand. With the pending problem of aging of the population affect Switzerland and its main providers of labor in Europe, effective solutions must be found to allow Switzerland to maintain its workforce afloat.


The use of third-country workers is therefore a necessary remedy against the slow dismantling of the Swiss economy. This article reveals the dysfunctions of current economic policies and propose an alternative immigration policy for circular migration for semi-qualified workers who, in a spirit of mutual benefit, can contribute substantially to healthy labor market in Switzerland. At the same time, such circular policy offers significant development assistance to the country of origin and the development of the workers themselves.

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