CSEND is celebrating its 20th year anniversary



 A celebration took place on 15-17 November 2013 between CSEND and its friends, colleagues, partners and mentors who shared CSEND's journey over the last 20 years . Members of CSEND community partook in a series of conversations to reflect together and to look out for a possible path forward out of the current conundrum and geo-political quick sand. 50 learned people from all walks of life and discipline came from near and afar to share their reflections, concerns, insights and solutions. Together, these conversations led to joint exploration on how sustainable and equitable solutions could be designed for enterprises, societies, international community and future generations. The colloquium aimed to identify concrete steps towards a common future for the world community and to propose individual small actions to make this happen!

The following themes were discussed during the colloquium:

  1. Trade economics and international relations
  2. Governance
  3. War & peace and conventions.
  4. Democratisation of policy space.
  5. Employment, global supply chains, technological innovation.
  6. Social contract and social fabric.
  7. Private-public goods concepts.
  8. Art and Society

pdf Colloquium programme


Concert programme by the Four Seasons String Quartet and profile