Palimpsest Multiplex 2012

Palimpsest Multiplex is a performative installation dedicated to provide a new perception of the public space and to raise awareness of how meaning (particularly in the arts) is constructed through interaction and communication. It shows the spectators that everyday life is a multilayered construct.

The concept of Palimpsest Multiplex is based on Raymond Saner's idea of a "Multiplex Palimpsest". It was coined during fruitful discussions between the concept developer and artists and art theoreticians who helped further develop the idea. It is a performance concept which provides an experimental space allowing the public to experience art in a novel manner.

While social media has generated a lot of new ideas, e.g. museum 2.0 (use of face book, twitter) or museum 3.0 (global participation via social media of real or virtual exhibitions), the downside of this use of social media is that artist and spectator might be further removed from each other than before thereby further reinforcing "aboutness" of art rather than providing contact and dialogue between artists and spectator.

The enlarged concept of Palimpsest Multiplex was developed by Raymond Saner in cooperation with Luise Kloos, Christoph Schön,

Seraina Müller, François Duconseille and Monica Dematté.