Creative Placemaking for Inclusive Urban Landscapes

F. Duconseille & R. Saner (2020), “ Creative Placemaking for Inclusive Urban Landscapes”

Final Version available at The Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society, Routledge Publisher

This paper contributes to the understanding how urban areas could be made more inclusive and sustainable and support the planning of inclusive human settlements. The main research question of this article was how to stimulate successful placemaking in urban landscapes for social integration in open urban spaces through the use of creative and artistic activities of mixed groups of artists.

The authors describe and discuss the evolution of urban development from being a physical infrastructure development determined by urban planners to a reclaiming of public space through spacemaking which is a social re-appropriation of urban space by citizens residing in the urban spaces.

Different stakeholder groups meet and exchange at urban places and co-create urban scenarios and scenographies by negotiating the urban landscapes through urban place- making projects