Collective Action on Public Goods for Sustainable Development: Ethics in Action

Yiu, L., Saner, R. & Bardy, R. (2020). Business Ethics and Leadership, Volume 4, Issue 4, 2020 ISSN (online) – 2520-6311; ISSN (print) – 2520-6761

Maintaining and expanding public goods is synonymous to promoting sustainable development but discussions are needed to clarify how policies need to be coordinated to enable collective action on public goods. Collective action for Public Goods will only be successful if all who partake in such actions can gain complementary benefits that would be either more costly or impossible to achieve without the collective effort. Such complementary benefits are possible provided all stakeholders contributing to the public good of social peace and social cohesion cooperate with each other and preserve this and other public goods be they citizens, civil society organizations, all public authorities and all business firms. This concerted effort for a good cause can certainly be coined “ethics in action”.


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