Global Economic Governance from the Perspective of a “Small State”

Global Economic Governance from the Perspective of a "Small State" - Economic Diplomacy of Switzerland

Published by the Economic Diplomacy Programme, SAIIA, Occasional Paper, No 124, November 2012.

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The paper introduces three key concepts, namely economic diplomacy, multi-actor and multi-institutional negotiations, and inter-ministerial economic policymaking. It applies these concepts to describe and analyse Switzerland's economic diplomacy behaviour and strategy in the field of financial services and in its relation to the Group of Twenty and other international organisations. The paper describes and analyses Switzerland's economic governance and economic diplomacy options in the field of international finance. It identifies the core Swiss interests and Switzerland's contribution to global economic governance, with particular reference to the Group of Twenty; and addresses the channels through which these interests are pursued, for example, through the Global Governance Group and other institutions.


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